Why Value A Girl Child

This English literature student landed herself with Salt Initiatives, an NGO and they assigned her with their ‘Let Her Live’ campaign which ensures the dignity and equality of women and girl children. Being in Delhi for three years has told her and made her aware of the violence against women. She considered it like any other evil practices which has been a part of the society and did not have a serious stand about it. Her leaders at the organization gave her orientation about female foeticide and their ideas on curbing the practice.


Changing Mindsets

 “Government schemes are good but they alone can do nothing.  A change in the mindset of people is required.” - Varsha Joshi, Director of Census Operations in India, addressing a media consultation on 'Declining sex ratio and Census 2011'

“Law alone cannot solve the problem of female foeticide. What we need is a change in mindset” - Justice S. Radhakrishna of the Bombay High Court

“Enforcing a law is not enough. You have to change people’s mindset and empower women.” - Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit


The news headlines sang similar songs of India’s ‘outrage’ and ‘shock’ on the July 10, ruthless, inhuman molestation of a 17 year old girl by a group of jeering men, in Guwahati; as if, it was the first of its kind incident that tainted the moral fabric of the nation do we have one? The crimes against women were reported over 2.25 lakh in 2011, according to National Crime Records Bureau. Bingo! Our shock and outrage often end up in a blame game discussing on the ‘length of her dress’, the time she went out, why she had to go alone, and more.



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