Cherian and Jamila

“One aunt actually told me that I was a fool to give up what would have come my way even without me asking for it!”

How long have you been married? What do you both do?
Jamila: We’ve been married for twenty five years. He now works for a financial institution after doing his MBA, post engineering. I am a psychiatrist.


Working with “Let her Live” has been quite a ‘different’ experience. Though I have no former experience of working with an organisation to compare it to, I could still say the bar has been set quite high. And ‘different’ could mean a lot of things, good and bad, well, the good  will be explained further and the bad, those that may seem as shortcomings, were infact the attractions which made it ‘different’.


Reflection Essay

An animated me walks into the lime green office on my first day of internship and all these trapped women in hues of fear, insecurity, abandonment stare back at me from paintings and I was sure, the Let Her Live experience would be everything it promised to be and much more. Art has always been an integral part of my life and gender issues, a recent yet ardent addition to the person I am.



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