Satya and Esther

“My father always held the opinion that the practice of taking dowry is ‘inhuman’ and needs to be addressed. According to him, if the bride’s family has to ‘pay’ for the groom, he should work for them as a ‘slave’. My sister got married to the son of an old friend of my father. When they asked for dowry, my dad unflinchingly broke off the relationship.”

Raaj and Geeta

“I remember telling Raaj, ‘If your family asks for dowry, I’m not getting married.’ And he said, ‘If my family asks for dowry, then I’m not getting married!’”

What do both the spouses do? How long have they been married?
We have been married for 20 years now. I have been working in the field of development for the last 20 years and continue to serve with a NGO.

Geeta: I am leading an organization called Ashish which works for children with special needs, mainly autism.

Mathew and Rosamma

“Both of us feel that as a tradition, dowry discriminates against women. We see their value being compromised. It places a heavy yoke on girls and their parents. The practice of dowry can often lead to a lot of harassment and violence. The core reason behind the existence of such a custom is a low view of women, and we are against this value. We believe that both men and women are equal and there should be no business transaction in the guise of marriage.”



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