Our Mission

Changing mind sets that discriminate against women and girl children to prevent sex selective abortions and other forms of gender-based violence.

About the Movement

We are a movement launched by Salt Initiatives, a charitable trust registered in New Delhi, India responding to the issue of female foeticide and other forms of violence against women. In our engagement with this issue, we have learnt that the problem goes beyond the issue itself—it’s root causes lie in the societal mind-set towards girls and women. Unless intervention is made at the mind-set level, all efforts made through legal and government actions will be insufficient to check the alarming decline of male female sex ratio in our country.


What is gendercide?

Gendercide refers to a systematic sex-selective killing, usually of females. This gender -based elimination can happen in the form of sex-selective abortion, infanticide, severe malnutrition, medical neglect, abandonment and dowry-related murders. Since such atrocities occur within the private realm, the issue of gendercide has not garnered widespread attention.

Where does gendercide occur?


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