The Princess and the Burden - Women in Marriage and Society

As a young captain in the army, my duties included attending to officers, other ranks, and their families in the MI (Medical Inspection) room. Several of my patients got to know me rather well and opened up to me. Sunita, a newly-wed, lively, warm young Bengali lady talked a lot to me and referred to me as elder sister. One of my saddest moments was when I carried Sunita’s burnt body in my arms in a helicopter to a big hospital in a nearby town. She did not survive.

Will women in India go the way of the dinosaur?

Two categories of theories try to explain the mystery behind the extinction of the majestic dinosaurs that roamed the earth aeons ago.The gradualists feel that changing evolutionary trends such as competition with mammals and changes in vegetation and climate slowly eroded their numbers whereas catastrophists attribute it to one catastrophic event (a meteorite impact is usually cited) .

Let's Talk About Men

Women are much in the news these days.
Everybody’s writing and talking about women.
How she is vulnerable. How she needs to be protected.
How we need to have justice for women.
How women have the right to feel safe.
How women are equal citizens.
How rapists of women and children should be hanged.


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