Working with “Let her Live” has been quite a ‘different’ experience. Though I have no former experience of working with an organisation to compare it to, I could still say the bar has been set quite high. And ‘different’ could mean a lot of things, good and bad, well, the good  will be explained further and the bad, those that may seem as shortcomings, were infact the attractions which made it ‘different’. Interning at an office puts forward quite a few stereotyped images like cubicles closing in on you, the boss who’d barely remember your name, the seriousness that paints ‘life’ as it is, a team wound by aim and not a family bound by love. They say, “Practice what you preach”. Here’s an organisation that blinks negative for all the above stereotypes and hence successfully fights against some evil stereotypes in our society.

Let her Live was more than an organisation to me, it was as I’d describe it ‘A family bound by love’.  We begin the day with a prayer together followed by a discussion including the entire team involving assessment and brainstorming ideas, we even have lunch together; our boss, the staff and even the interns  all on the same table. “Unity” is the air that we breathe. And this unity in turn breeds equality, an informal atmosphere and mostly importantly, amplifies productivity.  Their informal approach always proved helpful as otherwise the element of fear would have weakened progress. It broke down the tension into the tiniest bits that I began calling most of them ‘uncle’ rather than ‘sir’.  It gave me the freedom to be absolutely crazy and absurd in ideas and innovation as I was advised frequently that “Out of craziness comes the best ideas” which indeed came true. And equality, in the sense that everybody had an equal say in every single matter. Can you imagine the head of an organisation, nearly twice as old and wise as you, jotting down the points put forward by an 18 year old? I guess, that gesture just said it all. All that mankind ever does is for acceptance and when you feel important, that’s your push to work harder. The importance that was given to my ideas was what made me understand that I really could make a change and that age or inexperience was no barrier.

Honestly, I’ve been an armchair philosopher all my life. And a few people or actions are powerful enough to break open that cocoon and help you to be part of the change. Oh yes, Let her Live has left an indelible mark.  We decided that we interview and publish the stories of those who have said no to dowry, inorder to laud their heroic deed. The true heroes who said no to heaps of gold and money trees and help put an end to this genocide called “Dowry Deaths”. The second question in this interview was what or who inspired them to take such a decision.  Ten years down the lane, when children will study these interviews in history as the story of those who fought against this genocide, my answer to the interviewer’s above question would be, Let her Live. Yes, I have decided not to give dowry.

I just realised, I’ve used the words ‘we’ and ‘our’ when I refer to the Let her Live team. This was   purely unintentional and clearly shows how I consider myself as part of the team. And this was that indelible mark I was talking about.