Vision and Mission

The Vision

A transformed society that ensures the dignity and equality of women and girl children.

The Mission

Changing mindsets that discriminate against women and girl children and preventing sex selective abortions and other forms of gender-based violence.

The Concern

The provisional results of the 2011 census of India show that there are 914 female children to every 1000 male children under 6 years age, a drop from the last census in 2001 (927:1000). In some states the figure is as low as 830:1000. In Delhi the child sex ratio stands at 866:1000. While the government has made pre-birth sex determination tests illegal the practice still continues in different forms among the urban population through the connivance of the medical practitioners. In the poorer or rural areas, female infanticide through poisoning, suffocation or abandonment is not uncommon.

In India over 35% of women are not able to read and write. They are fed less and often educated less. They are seen as having lesser value or considered a burden. The practice of dowry is a major factor behind such a view. We long for women to be seen as equal to men, created in God’s image and worthy in their own right.

The Response

There are a number of organizations that are already engaged in various initiatives to bring about changes and awareness to the issue. The government has passed laws to address this issue and yet as the latest census figures show the problem is actually getting worse. Awareness and legislation are not proving to be enough. The “Let her live” campaign focuses its efforts on two main areas– revaluing womanhood through awareness, training, and creative programmes, and providing counselling and support for those struggling in abusive situations. We hope that through speaking, counseling and demonstrating the truth of the inherent value of life and the inherent dignity of women, families and individuals will be encouraged to revalue their daughters and contribute in decreasing the practice of dowry, female foeticide and infanticide.