How You Can Be Involved

  • Sign the Pledge and show your personal commitment in bringing change.
  • Be the change.  Respect the women in your home, workplace, and public places.  Celebrate the births of daughters.
  • Spread the word. Share the Let Her Live Facebook Page with your friends. Get others connected!
  • Share your ideas, thoughts, poems, songs, paintings, slogans and other creative expressions. Share it with the rest of us.  Or contact us if you need help to do those.
  • Organize Let Her Live activities on your college campus or in your local community like having awareness and pledge campaigns. Hold art exhibitions. Have baby girl health events in the community; screen a movie, put on a street drama.
  • Join a local care and counseling group. Or contact us if you want to get training as a counselor. Join others responding to the issue through local events. 
  • Volunteer your expertise, whether web-site design, marketing, counseling, teaching, organizing, etc, or just being available to help with surveys, meetings, etc.
  • Apply for an Internship with us for specific tasks in communication, coordination, social media, research, etc and contribute your skills while you learn about the issue.
  • Paint Create your own art-work on the issue.  Sign up for artist residencies and workshops run by our partners ‘Art for Change Foundation’ to engage and create art about the issue.
  • Give financial contribution towards this cause.