Domestic Violence

Domestic violence against women is mostly perpetrated by men who are in a position of intimacy and trust with them- husbands, fathers, brothers, step-fathers, uncles etc. Often ‘domestic violence’ is misconstrued to be limited to wife-beating; however, the abuse can also be psychological, sexual, emotional and even economical. The statistics are chilling - 50-70% women in India face some form of domestic abuse.

66% of women in abusive relationships remain silent about their suffering and 75% of those who have reported such abuse have attempted suicide. Since it happens within the closed walls of the house, it is a hidden form of violence and neighbours and the larger society often hesitate to intervene on the pretext of it being a ‘private’ matter. However, domestic abuse is reflective of the operating patriarchal codes in our culture that often sanction such violence against women.  It is, therefore, important for the society to break the silence surrounding such abuse. One laudable and successful campaign called Ring the Bell or Bell Bajao encouraged the intervention of neighbours by ringing the bell of the house where violence was overheard.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 118866 cases of ‘Cruelty by Husband or His Relatives’ were reported in 2013 in India.