Be The Change You Want To See

Be The Change You Want To See

Take the lead. Be the change. You can do your part by carrying out the following activities :

1) You can invite us to your college to screen the ' It's a girl ' movie.(Be sure to stock up on popcorn! ) It explores the practice of Gendercide in India and China. Post- screening we can have a panel discussion and an open house or Q&A.

2) You can also join the "Equi-culture" group which is our volunteer team through which we organize various activities in campuses. One of which is the "Image Theater" using the body to portray and discuss words in a group setting. It opens observation based discussion about difficult subjects. If you would be interested in having such sessions in your college please write to us.

3) You could invite your friends to like our Facebook page (Make sure that YOU like it first!).This would help increase familiarity with the cause we are striving to achieve.

4) Breathe the passion of creativity. Trust me, you’ll love it.

• You and your college mates could also contribute towards this movement by writing poems related to the plight of women, the dilemma they face, concerns about their dignity etc.

• If you are gifted musically then you could compose tunes and songs that we could use in our street plays and other programs.

• You could write articles on things that you feel concerned about.

5) We require volunteer support to execute projects on special occasions such as March 8th (International Women’s day) and Oct 11th (International Day of the Girl Child) etc.

• A problem of such serious magnitude such as Gendercide and violence against women cannot be just addressed by legislations and Government regulations. It requires changing the mind-set of common people. The response to the birth of a girl child is often in contrast to the joy and celebration in receiving a baby boy. This reflects the prevailing mindset. Hence on October 11th, with the help of college student volunteers, we celebrate and affirm the birth of girl children born on that day in a few selected hospitals by giving a specially designed gift box to their parents. Through this we hope to affirm and encourage the family members through this token of appreciation in welcoming the baby girl with joy and not disappointment.

We will you keep updated on further programs and duties. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it light. ;)

Let us join our hands in creating awareness on such issues and making difference one person at a time.

  • Sign the Pledge and show your personal commitment in bringing change.
  • Be the change.  Respect the women in your home, workplace, and public places.  Celebrate the births of daughters.
  • Spread the word. Share the Let Her Live Facebook Page with your friends. Get others connected!
  • Share your ideas, thoughts, poems, songs, paintings, slogans and other creative expressions. Share it with the rest of us.  Or contact us if you need help to do those.
  • Organize Let Her Live activities on your college campus or in your local community like having awareness and pledge campaigns. Hold art exhibitions. Have baby girl health events in the community; screen a movie, put on a street drama.
  • Join a local care and counseling group. Or contact us if you want to get training as a counselor. Join others responding to the issue through local events. 
  • Volunteer your expertise, whether web-site design, marketing, counseling, teaching, organizing, etc, or just being available to help with surveys, meetings, etc.
  • Apply for an Internship with us for specific tasks in communication, coordination, social media, research, etc and contribute your skills while you learn about the issue.
  • Paint Create your own art-work on the issue.  Sign up for artist residencies and workshops run by our partners ‘Art for Change Foundation’ to engage and create art about the issue.
  • Give financial contribution towards this cause.