Acid Attack

The gendered violence of throwing acid is a premeditated offence that is executed with an intention to disfigure the victim. The Times of India carried an article in May 2013 which reported that between the months of February and May, the 181 helpline for women had received 56 complaints of acid-attacks. One of the chief reasons that prod the throwing of acid is rejecting unwarranted sexual attention or advances. Throwing acid can be seen as a form of retaliation which is stimulated by a bruised ‘male-ego’ and it sheds light on the warped understanding of social-relations that expects women to be ever-passive.

Other than suffering the corrosive effect of acid on their flesh, bones and vital organs, acid-attack survivors have to battle with trauma and social stigma. Due to their disfigurement and disability, the survivors often give up their public lives to be confined to their homes. It is a humanitarian imperative to help reintegrate the survivors into the society so that they can regain their self-confidence to realise their inherent potential.